A Gippsland initiative to link forestry education and career Opportunities.


The forestry industry which includes forest growers, forest managers, contractors, sawmill operators and manufacturers are finding it difficult to attract qualified or experienced people to work in this interesting and rewarding sector.

The Gippsland Forestry Hub, or GFHub for short, aims to counter the poor public perception of forestry by raising awareness in Gippsland of the great career and job opportunities available within the industry.

The GFHub was formed to constructively engage the community, the education sector, and industry and government bodies to assist in outcome-focussed solutions focussing on skills development and creating real local job opportunities.


The primary objective of the working group is to work constructively and cooperatively with the education sector in pursuit of training, up-skilling and promotion of the forest industry to secure well-trained candidates for roles from our local community.  These local trainees will be well-skilled with a commitment to efficient work practices, and good environmental and safety outcomes.

  • Acknowledge industrial, commercial and sector differences of stakeholders and ensure that the primary objective is maintained.
  • Acknowledge the imperative for a sustainable, safe, productive and environmentally conscious industry that is viable for all stakeholders.
  • Primarily promote the industry amongst stakeholders at regional hubs where the industry is active to increase awareness of career and operational opportunities within the forests.
  • Reduce the requirements for forest owners, independent forestry contractors or businesses to independently provide the time, resources and capital to educate and train forestry employees.

Committee Members

Chris Barclay

Paul Boys

Tony Britton

Lesia Clark

Mark Cowell

Sandy Kam

Ricky Leeson

Shannon Little

Colin McCulloch

Trevor Nicklen

Denise Parkinson

Brett Pedlow

Ian Reid